Marco Aviso

Marco Aviso

I'm A Work In Progress…

One on my favorite comedians @BillBurr with one of best interviewers in the new media game @SeanseaEvans #HotOnes

How Disinformation Is Taking Over the World | NYT Opinion

The most dangerous and insidious viral rot in our world today is #disinformation. These #lies are now easily perpetuated by anyone on the #Internet (anyone can create a website and/or share #fakenews via social media) and our leaders who make laws are all too ill equipped to mitigate against it. It’s that sad and pathetic 🤦‍♂️ but it is really is scary 😨. #Lying no longer seems to be an issue(they seem benign) and now it’s too easy to disseminate and no one is being held accountable. Nothing is more important to a #democracy than it’s informed #electorate but if that electorate is misinformed then it’s doomed to fail.

Mapping Thanksgiving

Don’t be a Turkey and avoid the overwhelming stress that can come from getting stuck in holiday traffic.