about me


I’m a work in progress… A proud and self-professed modern-day nerd, a technophile, an aspiring polymath and employed as a network/systems administrator. I’m a skeptical idealist/optimist about technology and its role for humanity and vice versa. I’m an open source/systems, IT security and digital rights advocate.  I can only hope that continuing to be open-minded/adventurous coupled with a willingness to evolve bodes well for this “About Me” page(more figuratively than literally). I’ve updated my life path and world view to seeking out peak joy by striving and hoping for the best while at the same time preparing for the worst; life is short, I say better make the most out of it.  I’m a perpetual and enthusiastic student of the world; I love learning new and what I consider to be interesting things in order to better understand myself and everything around me. Personally, I believe much of this world’s issues and ills are unnecessarily exacerbated by people’s wanton ignorance and lack of empathy. But I’m an optimist about humanity’s ability to resolve problems with understanding and reason. I have an insatiable love for science and technology(in all its forms) and I’m an avid fan of gadgets. Check out my tech-centric blog @ NerdDoWell.com. I also have a number of newly acquired interests/passions: politics, business, fitness/health, photography, music festivals and stand-up comedy. I have this website so I can literally apply any pertinent knowledge I’ve acquired about other interests like web design and network technology, content publishing and online marketing to compliment/supplement content that I’ve posted on other social networks: Instagram (my current favorite), Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat and Linkedin. I figured it’s a better overt way to brag or more often than not to “humble brag” since one won’t need to share it on anyone’s social network feed and I’d learn something along the way. In my opinion, it’s a better way to control, maintain and archive your own content. You also have better control of your own online identity of which people are only now realizing is a precious commodity. This site is my little slice of Internet real estate that I can call my own and it’s the best way to contact me without me having to give out information(like a digital business card) that I’d prefer to keep private and/or limit to just close friends and family. I am also on Keybase.


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